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Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Fri Jun 11 07:07:26 MDT 2004

Steve Gabosch wrote:
> I am also interested in which sentences Louis or anyone else 
> finds "silly."

Okay, here you go.

> 5.  They divert attention from the fact that the problem facing workers 
> and farmers is capitalism, and that state power is in the hands of a 
> class of billionaire families that exploits the labor power of working 
> people.

This is silly in the sense that it is obvious. When I was in the SWP, 
there was a tendency to write bombastic SLP type formulations like this 
but at least the party was involved in concrete struggles. When you 
write this kind of silly, maximalist prose without any connections to 
the fight against the US occupation of Iraq, you place yourself in the 
camp of the Spartacist League, the SLP, etc.

> 10.  Hersh’s “exposé” relied in part on information from a retired Air 
> Force intelligence officer.

More silliness. The Pentagon Papers were furnished by the same sort of 
person. And why is expose put in quotes? However the information was 
provided, it certainly had the same kind of impact as Hersh's 
investigation of the My Lai massacre. Speaking of the Pentagon Papers, 
here's an interesting anecdote. I used to know a woman named Lisa Potash 
from the SWP. She was assigned to go pick up some documents from a guy 
named Daniel Ellsburg that might have been of some interest to the 
party. She did go pick them up, but forgot them on a subway car. This 
was before they made it to the bourgeois press. Professional 
revolutionaries, indeed.

 > 13.  Hersh and Kennedy’s source is Lt. Col. Karen Kwiatkowski.
> 14.  After her retirement from a Pentagon intelligence job, she gave an 
> interview to Executive Intelligence Review a publication of the fascist 
> outfit headed by Lyndon LaRouche and authored several internet articles 
> in which she alleges a “neocon” conspiracy in the Bush administration 
> seeking to “leverage the full might of the United States to build a 
> greater Zion.”

I guess that Jack Barnes has been reading the American Enterprise 
Institute and National Review websites, where a campaign against 
Kwiatkowski has been mounted.

 >15.Related conspiracy themes are being promoted both on the ultraright
 >and among layers of left-liberals, Stalinists, and other middle-class
 >radicals ­ from Patrick Buchanan and his magazine, The American
 >Conservative, and the Buchananite web site antiwar.com, on the right,to
 >the liberal magazine The Nation in the United States and the daily
 >Guardian and weekly New Statesman in the United Kingdom, on the left.
> 16.  This campaign finds a resonance among Jew haters and sectors of the 
> wealthy ruling classes in the United States and Europe and of their 
> officer corps whose positions and chances for advancement are threatened 
> by the policies being led by Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld to 
> transform the U.S. armed forces into a lighter, more mobile force to 
> wage Washington’s wars around the world.

This is what I would call crowning silliness of the Monty Python league 
variety. Just think about what is being said here. Stuff written in the 
antiwar Guardian, The Nation and the New Statesman (where Mark Jones 
once worked as a stringer) finds a "resonance" among Jew haters and the 
wealthy ruling classes. (Isn't "wealthy" redundant here? When my old 
friend Nelson Blackstock edited the Militant, he would have circled this 
in blue ink.) In other words, because some liberal or radical 
journalists are placing heavy emphasis on the power of the Zionist lobby 
in the USA and ideologues committed to the Likud Party within the Bush 
administration, the Militant interprets this as Jew hatred? Furthermore, 
the articles by people like Robert Fisk and Greg Palast are not only 
encouraging anti-Semitism. They are reflecting the ostensibly 
reactionary sections of the officer corps who are opposed to a "more 
mobile force" to wage wars around the world? This is beyond silliness, 
I'm afraid.

> 17.  It also finds an echo among remnants of the Stalinist bureaucracy 
> still interlacing the officer corps and “intelligence” agencies across 
> Eastern Europe; insecure layers of the middle classes and better-off 
> workers squeezed by the capitalist crisis; and Stalinist-influenced 
> liberals and petty-bourgeois radicals worldwide.

In other words, the Militant is on the front lines attacking a stealthy 
network consisting of a magazine funded by Paul Newman's spaghetti 
sauce, Lyndon Larouche, military bigwigs hostile to Rumsfeld's 
innovations and the Stalinist bureaucracy. What an amalgam.

> 19.  It is related to claims of a “cabal” promoted by Anglo-American 
> capital ­often involving the British crown and, since the October 1917 
> Russian Revolution, the Bolsheviks.

This is a reference to Larouche's nutty conspiracy theories. Can't you 
see Jack pouring through the Executive Intelligence Review clucking his 
tongue over the dismal state of the world. And nobody can save it except 


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