[Marxism] what is Antiwar.com?

Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Fri Jun 11 12:56:09 MDT 2004

Let's put the Kibosch on this style of discussion. 

We read that THE MILITANT's assault on Anti-war.com
"reises ideas that deserve serious consideration" but
even though we never here his OWN opinion. He's just
trying to draw other people out. But THE MILITANT's
approach is all to familiar.

It's a familiar rhetorical technique which says that
"if you can't beat them with logic, baffle them with
bullshit", and so just because he reproduces all of
those precious words from THE MILITANT to the list,
doesn't mean readers should focus on their ways of
framing the question. THE MILITANT's purpose in the
article is transparent. It's goal is to divert its
readers' attentions from THE MILITANT's opposition
to and vilification of the anti-war movement, by 
focusing on a side fringe.

The same issue of THE MILITANT features a report on
an anti-racist march of one thousand which was held
in Christchurch, New Zealand on May 8. This appears
in the same issue of THE MILITANT where Sam Manuel,
writing from Washington, D.C., pens a massive text
attacking Anti-war.com, while failing to report the
nation-wide coordinated protests called by ANSWER 
against the US wars of invasion and occupation in
Afghanistan, Iraq and Haiti. This is why it's so
clear that THE MILITANT's real purpose is to keep
up its attack against the anti-war movement, but
by a circuitous, indirect route. 

Publishing this humongous attack on "Buchananism",
like their previous attacks on "anti-American
demagogy", reflects a clear political direction.

I am interested in any comments and opinions that
marxmailers have about the truth or untruth of these
sentences. I am also interested in which sentences 
Louis or anyone else finds "silly."

"raises ideas that deserve serious consideration."

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