[Marxism] The US workingclass etc.

Federico Adrian Fuentes fuentf01 at tartarus.uwa.edu.au
Sat Jun 12 01:20:38 MDT 2004

>Looking through some old journals the other day, (on a quest for Marxist
>analyses of Zionism) I came across something I think might interest Melvin
>and other discussants: an article entitled "The Labor Aristocracy: The
>Material Basis for Opportunism in the Labor Movement". Published in three
>issues (#11, July/Aug, & #12, Sept/Oct, of 1982, & # 13/14 (dbl
>issue),March/April '83) of "Line of March", then the "theoretical journal"
>of the now-defunct Frontline trend, the parts are entitled:

This article is available on the web at
http://home.connexus.net.au/~benj/LOM.htm for those interested.

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