[Marxism] Walden Bello on Reagan

Jose G. Perez elgusanorojo at bellsouth.net
Sat Jun 12 12:00:09 MDT 2004

>>It was actually in the Third World, however, that Reagan waged war,
and he did it with the gusto of a playground bully where and when he
could get away with it. <<

I guess this must be a "left" version of the Great Reagan Myth. He was a
two-bit hollywood hack and, basically, a coward. His aim of achieving
"strategic" superiority was pure science fiction; he did not dare put
even one U.S. company into combat in Central America; as soon as the
U.S. got a bloody nose in Lebanon he cut and ran; and he "invaded"
Grenada only *after* the revolutionary government had been overthrown
and the central leader of the Grenadian people and several of his
closest collaborators has been murdered by the Coard group, justly
described by Fidel as representing "la izquierda Pol Potiana" -- the Pol
Pot left.

The "invasion" was a Hollywood production for the gullible. Grenada was
handed to imperialism by the Coardites on a platter.

When confronted with the determined resistance of the masses of southern
Africa and revolutionary Cuba, he allowed the imperialist proxies and
South African forces get beaten time and again completely and thoroughly
that the apartheid regime crumbled.

On domestic policy he meandered about, cutting deals with the Democrats
and exploding the budget deficit to satisfy both his star wars pipe
dream and what the Democrats considered it was necessary to do in terms
of spending to maintain social peace. 

He didn't even have the guts to take on Congress on issues like the
contras and the aid to Iraq openly, setting the stage for the Iran
contra scandal, that, but for the Democrats, would have made Watergate
seem like just the prelude to the main drama.

It was the good fortune of his propagandists that the inevitable fruits
of the bureaucratic counterrevolution in the U.S.S.R., foretold by
Trotsky and long delayed (due mostly to WWII and its immediate outcome),
became evident during his term and just immediately afterwards. This has
nothing to do with Reagan nor his star wars fantasies nor anything else.
It had to do with the fundamentally bourgeois character of bureaucratic
ideology and aspirations of the leading cliques in the USSR and other
states of "really existing" socialism. 

Like in the case of the Grenadian revolution, the death of those
"socialisms" was an inside job, the inevitable result of having leaders
like Mikhail Gorbachev who last night on Larry King couldn't help
himself while gushing about what a really nice guy Reagan was.

Reagan deserves neither praise nor admiration nor even the respect due a
worthy opponent. 

He was simply one more representative of a class and social system that
has long been bereft of any historic mission or justification, rotting
and decaying until history gets around to taking out the garbage.


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