[Marxism] Blair Govt election woes mount

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Sat Jun 12 16:23:07 MDT 2004

A chairde,

I didn't see any mention of this event - which is of significance - on
the list. The New Labour party has suffered huge losses at the local
elections held in England and Wales on June 10th. The European election
results will begin pouring in from all ends of the current EU from

The news in Ireland isn't totally clear just yet - however, the
undoubted story is the massive growth in the Sinn Fein vote across the
Island. It looks as if the party will gain its first MEP in the North -
it is very much in contention in Dublin and the 'Northwest' constituency
of border counties in the Irish Free State. In local elections in the
State, it would look as if Sinn Fein have taken up to 100 seats (largely
off the ruling coalition parties in particular the bourgeois nationalist
Fianna Fail).

Is mise

      Pressure on Blair after elections

      Tony Blair is facing further questions about his leadership after
the worst performance by a governing party in the local elections.

      With most results in, Labour has lost 464 seats and eight
councils, including Newcastle and Leeds. The Tories gained 263 seats,
including Trafford.

full: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk_politics/3799929.stm

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