[Marxism] Canada: Spain in Reverse

David Quarter davidquarter at sympatico.ca
Sat Jun 12 23:24:39 MDT 2004

Only thru strategic voting can we do our best to stave off a fascist 
majority.  I fear we're not as smart as France either, re Le Penn. 
Like they did, we even have to vote liberal, depending on the state 
of our ridings:Canada: Spain in reverse

Posted by Justin Podur at June 11, 2004 11:20 AM 

Scary news from Canada, which is on the verge of an electoral 
fascist takeover. The Conservative party of Stephen Harper is 
headed for a win in the elections of June 28. 

While the current, Liberal prime minister, Paul Martin, helped out 
the coup in Haiti and has been a useful tool for US foreign policy 
and US/Canadian corporate interests, there are a few differences 
between him and Harper.

Harper is anti-abortion. Harper is anti-gay marriage. Harper is for 
openly racist immigration policies (Martin is for hypocritical 
policies). Harper is for openly supporting the US war on the planet 
(Martin is for doing so behind the scenes and selectively). Harper 
wants to boost military spending, get 'tough on crime', cut taxes 
and further undermine and privatize Canada's fragile public sector, 
especially its public health care system (Martin is for dismantling 
these things more slowly and behind the scenes). 

In the media, the rise of Harper's Conservatives is being portrayed 
in terms of Canada's dissatisfaction with the Liberals' corruption 
after three terms in office. First of all, the Liberals are certainly 
corrupt -- but the Conservatives' record in power is far worse, and 
Ontario, the biggest battleground of the elections, just came out of 
two terms of hideous Conservative corruption and ought to know 
better than to elect these fascists. If people have to defect from the 
Liberals and punish them, why do they have to shoot themselves in 
the head to do so, especially when a third party with a decent 
platform exists in the NDP? 

This is all rather like what happened in Spain, in reverse. Think 
about it. 

In Spain, you had a hard-line right winger devoted to active 
subordination to the US agenda in Aznar. Despite his population's 
desires, he took the country headlong into war and occupation in 
Iraq. This made his population a target for terrorists, and his 
population, who never wanted the Iraq war, paid the price. Then the 
population had a chance to punish him politically in elections, and 
did so.

In Canada, you have a hypocritical liberal government that decided 
not to jump on to the disastrous Iraq war openly, but to perform the 
historically normal Canadian functions of behind-the-scenes aid, 
followed by sacrificing the Haitian people's right to self-
determination to 'mend-the-fence' that insufficient subordination to 
the US agenda supposedly caused in US-Canada relations (see 
my commentary of last year for some revolting reactions from 
Canadian elites. Canadian elites revolted, and threw up a leader 
who promised to take Canada headlong into the Iraq war and 
occupation and whatever other imperial adventures the US plans. 
Now, if the population elects him, will we have to live what the 
Spanish lived through?

Unfortunately, Canada is probably more like the US than it is like 
Spain. The American media, and much of the public, couldn't 
understand how Spain dumped Aznar after a terrorist attack. They 
saw it as 'appeasement', and everyone knows that a terrorist attack 
in the US would help the jingoistic right in that country, who people 
would flock to. The Spanish had the opposite reaction. 

Which way would Canadians go, given the choice? Which way will 
they go? Will we have to find out?

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