[Marxism] what is Antiwar.com?

Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Sun Jun 13 09:19:17 MDT 2004

All of the rhetoric in Gabosch's article, THE MILITANT, and
his commentaries here serve but one purpose: to continue to
use the method of "if you can't beat them with logic, baffle
them with bullshit." It's like discussing how many needles
can fit on the head of an angel. 

The main thing everyone must keep in mind about THE MILITANT
and its "article" on Anti-war.com is that it is an assault 
on the anti-war movement by a group which worries that those
foreigners in other countries are getting carried away with
"anti-American demagogy". 

U.S. readers should understand that the SWP's a patriotic 
group who wants to protect our country from misinformed 
foreigners and their nasty opinions. They don't want anyone 
to think that anyone but the remnants of Saddam Hussein's 
regime would oppose Washington's liberatory efforts which 
have provided "civic space" in Iraq for their organized 
sales of THE MILITANT outside meat-packing plants and 
garment shops in the now-free Iraq.

Walter Lippmann

p.s., this is also why they're so intransigently opposed
to what they call "bonapartism", of which they think that
Venezuela's Hugo Chavez is such a prominent representative:

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