[Marxism] Progreso Weekly looks at Kerry's position on Cuba

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sun Jun 13 16:09:02 MDT 2004

Walter Lippmann wrote:
> Those who continue to think that it makes no difference
> who gets elected President of the United States might be
> interested in considering one of the most powerful and
> eloquent voices against the blockade in the Cuban-
> American community and especially in South Florida. 

Of course it makes a difference. If it made no difference, the two-party 
system would collapse overnight. Roosevelt was "better" than Hoover. LBJ 
was "better" than Goldwater. And so on. You have two-party sytems in 
Latin America as well. Nicaragua was run by either Liberals or 
Conservatives for most of the century until Carlos Fonseca denounced the 
  whole thing as a shell-game and took up arms to get rid of the system. 
In the USA, we don't have to deal with the Guardia but with the enormous 
weight of the propaganda machine favoring the status quo.

> At the home page of this week's edition, PROGRESO WEEKLY 
> makes its attitude toward the US presidential election so
> clear that Stevie Wonder wouldn't miss it. 
> http://makeashorterlink.com/?M33C55888

Since Saul Landau writes for them, it is no surprise that they are for 
Kerry. The entire soft-left is for Kerry. Over here on Marxmail we 
remain incorrigible.

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