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Saturday, June 12, 2004
The Bush-Kerry Conundrum: Our Only Choice is the War Party
By Kurt Nimmo

Russian President Vladimir Putin has a point. Democrats have “no moral 
right” to criticize Bush for invading Iraq. Why? Because they were 
gung-ho about invading Yugoslavia. Putin made the comment at the G8 
neolib feast on Sea Island, Georgia.

Democrats, of course, are attacking Bush because they want John Kerry in 
the White House next year. Kerry says he will continue Bush’s failed 
policy in Iraq with the notable exception that he would 
“internationalize” the mess and ask Europeans to help out in the murder 
of Iraqi freedom fighters and innocent civilians.

Turn Democrats upside down and they look like Republicans. Most of them 
voted for Bush’s invasion. Most of them believe killing Iraqis will 
return the sort of results the neocons had in mind when they lied their 
way into the invasion. Most of them are responsible for war crimes. Most 
of them should be standing alongside Bush and his neocons rabble in the 
docket at the Hague.

How soon we forget.

Clinton attacked Yugoslavia. He ordered the bombing of civilian 
targets—homes, roads, farms, factories, hospitals, bridges, churches, 
monasteries, columns of refugees, TV stations, office buildings—and 
killed a “few thousand random civilians for good measure, and thus 
weakening the will of the population to resist, so that they would 
submit to NATO occupation,” as David Ramsay Steele summarizes. By 
attacking Yugoslavia Clinton and the Democrats basically laid the 
groundwork for Bush and the neocons: For Clinton and the Democrats, it 
is perfectly acceptable to attack other nations—this is not a Republican 
proclivity—even if they pose no threat to the United States or anybody 
else. The United Nations does not need to be consulted.

Neolibs believe they possess the moral authority—the neocon faction like 
to call it “moral clarity”—to murder anybody and everybody who stands 
between them and oil, minerals, rainforests chock full of lumber, and 
“natural monopolies,” that is publicly owned power grids, railroads, 
telecoms, schools, hospitals, and even aquifers of fresh water. On this 
Democrats and Republicans are in agreement.

The American people only need be lulled to sleep. Or exposed to a 
pantheon of spine-chilling demons. It’s easy to frighten children with 
scary stories. Halloween can be easily rescheduled to June or December 
or March. Freddy Kruger Hussein or Chuckie Slobodan Milosevic are 
trotted out on cue. Booga booga. Arab cave dwellers with satellite 
phones want to kill your first born.

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