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> Neolibs believe they possess the moral authority—the neocon faction like
> to call it “moral clarity”—to murder anybody and everybody who stands
> between them [...] and even aquifers of fresh water.

This may prove prophetic in a very short time.  The Guarani Aquifer, 
the largest in South America, straddling the Argentina-Brazil-
Paraguay frontier, has been repeatedly reported as a target for 
American imperialism.

The shot may turn against the shooter, however.  There has been a lot 
of drum beating on "terrorist connections" in the "Three Frontiers" 
area of Arg.-Bra.-Par. recently, in what might well be the 
preparatory and preliminary attempt to put the whole area under US 
military surveillance if not direct control.

However, the consequence here has been to propel anti-American 
feeling in the armed forces of the three countries, most notably the 
Brazilian and (so it seems) increasingly the Argentinean military.

Every time the guns of Latin American armed forces stop aiming at 
their own populations, and start aiming at imperialist powers, great 
risks arise for imperialists.  This is like the story of the 
scorpion:  a poisonous scorpion was trying to ford a deep creek, and 
found it impossible. Then a small coyote appeared, and the scorpion 
proposed that he could cross the creek on the coyote's back, which 
the latter was reluctant to accept.  "What if you poison me with your 
sting?" was the sensible answer.  "Come on, if I did so _both_ of us 
would die. I would drown with you", retorted wisely the scorpion.  
"OK", said the coyote.  And the scorpion climbed on the animal's 

When they were at the deepest part of the river, the scorpion stuck 
his sting in the coyote's body and poisoned him.  "Why did you do it, 
idiot?", painfully articulated the aching and moribund coyote, "Both 
of us will die now".  "Yes, I know.  But I couldn't help it.  It's in 
my nature, you know".

Thus with imperialists.  It's in their nature.

Néstor Miguel Gorojovsky
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