[Marxism] Spanish, the tongue of the conquistadors? Bullshit

Nestor Gorojovsky nestorgoro at fibertel.com.ar
Sun Jun 13 22:41:15 MDT 2004

LA Times on literacy effort in Venezuela:

"Ignorant of Spanish, the tongue of the conquistadors and Venezuela's 
only official language, [people in a tiny island on the Orinoco...]"

"The tongue of the conquistadors"...  

What a stinking turd (sorry, ladies).  

Yes, Cortez, Pizarro and Almagro spoke Spanish.  But, unlike the 
original languages of South (or North) America, and certainly unlike 
the language of the murderers of "redskins" in the North, Spanish is 
also, and essentially, the tongue of Creole and miscigenated Indo-
America, the tongue of Bolívar, of San Martín, of Artigas, of 
Morelos.  The tongue of Francisco Solano López and Felipe Varela.  
The tongue of Cervantes,  Lope de Vega, Martí, Darío, Hernández (both 
Miguel the Spanish and José the Argentinean).  The tongue of Neruda, 
Lugones, Arlt, García Márquez.  The tongue of Arbenz, Bosch, Gaitán.  
The tongue of Perón, Velazco Alvarado, Cárdenas.  The tongue of Tupac 
Amaru (who never suggested to return to Quechua), Zapata, Sandino, 
Fidel, the Che.  And the list is unfair to dozens of artists, 
politicians and fighters.

That is, while Spanish once was, long centuries ago, the "tongue of 
the conquistadors", it has become in a common tongue of art,. 
rebellion and revolution for most of Latin America, long ago.

Why not calling English "the tongue of slave-owners"?  Why not 
calling Quechua "the tongue of a ruthless Empire that would massacre 
any population that opposed conquest"?  Why not calling the language 
of the Aztecs "the tongue of the offerers of living hearts to the 
thirsty Gods"?

There is a reason for this ill-treatment of Spanish.  The reason is 

Only Spanish and/or Portuguese can unify Latin America.  At most, and 
limiting myself to South America (I can't speak about the linguistic 
map of Central and Northern Latin America), Quechua, Aymara and 
Guarani should be included in a list of eventual official languages.  
But these will be regional in scope.  Spanish and Portuguese (and, 
hopefully, with the centuries, a new language produced by the mixture 
of both, such as it is slowly beginning to happen among some social 
layers in the Atlantic seabord of the Southern Cone) are the only 
candidates to glue our peoples in a single bunch.   This is the 
perspective the American bourgeoisie hates and fears most.  This is 
the perspective the Latin American peoples struggle for.

No surprise that the LA Times will subtly deride Spanish or 
Portuguese.  If the Yanomani had been able to read Portuguese, they 
might have been better informed and thus less unable to defend 
themselves from the American anthropologists who intentionally sent 
them to war with other peoples, so they could "study" their 
"specimens" in an ant-house style of "social studies".

It is not a matter of chance that the arch-sepoy Gonzalez de Losada, 
the Bolivian President of the Rockefeller Group that has been 
recently requested by a mighty popular rebellion to leave the 
country, took pride in speaking Spanish with American accent.  He 
even went as far as to say that "the worst Spanish spoken, the better 
President would be he or anyone for Bolivia".

Of this kind of "anti-conquistador" rant, among other beautiful gifts 
by American bourgeoisie, Rubén Darío wrote:

"¿Seremos entregados a los bárbaros fieros?
Tantos millones de hombres hablaremos inglés?"

["Oda a Roosevelt"]

Néstor Miguel Gorojovsky
nestorgoro at fibertel.com.ar

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