[Marxism] Lenin and bribery

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Mon Jun 14 07:58:13 MDT 2004

Melvin writes:

>>The peoples of America - including the blacks, have taken part in the
plunder of the world and enjoyed the privileges that has come from such 
and this is self evident and requires "no proof." <

<Everyone in America? Even the poorest people in Harlem or Mississippi?
Even Native Americans? Even the most downtrodden immigrants? Well it
might seem self-evident to many, but personally I doubt it and would be
interested to see the proof.>


You are correct that this is a poor formulation of the issue and the 
framework. The political framework of America should be called the "American Union," 
which brings center stage the historic North/South division and the SouthWest. 

The downtrodden immigrant has to be viewed from the formation of America in 
as much as this is in fact a country of immigrants, lets say in the North from 
1790 to the Reagan Revolution. 

To imply and state - as I did, that "everyone" is "anything" is wrong. 


Melvin P. 

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