[Marxism] RCIP, McAfee & virus "'marketing"

DHE cuibono at rcip.com
Mon Jun 14 14:09:30 MDT 2004

Douglas L. Vaughan, Jr. writes:

"be careful -- some of these "warnings" are in fact sales pitches designed to 
scare you into opening the message, which routs you to a site to buy the 
solution (or worse)..." 

 Which I know to be a true statement & one that's worth keeping in mind. 

However, while the rest of the statement: "i.e., the virus in the message is the message that there's a virus",  may well -- no, does have a lot of general validity --  as it happens, it is "not applicable" in this particular case. 

River City Internet Providers/"RCIP.com" is my local ISP. I know the techies who work there. The email I fwded was sent to me by them because the McAfee Postini virus-blocking program I pay them for every month spotted what appeared to it to be a virus-laden email, quarantined it, & alerted me via RCIP.  

It's possible of course that McAfee made a mistake, but I thought it appropriate to pass the email on to the list administrators. I myself immediately deleted the email in question: I may have missed something vitally important, such as one of my own immortal posts -- but if Postini doesn't like it, my course is clear: delete first & ask questions later:)


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