[Marxism] Reagan and the former Soviet Union

Pavlo Lenin pavlolenin at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 14 15:18:06 MDT 2004

   Many in the capitalist press and political establishment credit the late Ronald(Reactionary) Reagan with having a major role in the disolving of the former Soviet Union. This of course is hogwash! The conditions of the collapse of the USSR was due mainly from the formation of Stalinism in the 1920's with such erronious views as "Socialism in one country" ands the failure of other truely socialist states to emerge when Russia was isolated in the civil war. Also the falure to keep a Prolientariet democracy with the purpose of said being able to "wither away" as it's goal.
   Poor management of the planned economy and the state and party holding itself up instead of the working people supporting the state combined with the lack of civil rights made the collapse of the USSR, and it's eastern european deformed workers states inevitable.
   Gorbechov's plans of glasnose and peristroka failed for the reasons stated above, also he chose as his model the right opposition of Stalins time and the erronious teachings of Bukherin.
   The way to go would have been to follow the example of Leon Trotsky and the left opposition. The resulting failure to do such allowed all that Trotsky warned of in "The Revolution Betrayed" down to the last detail.
   The idiot Reagan just had the unfortunate coincidence of being American President at the time. Reagan was only popular because he could act and he had a good propaganda machine. If the truth be told Reagan did the same thing for human rights as  Jonestown kool-aid did for kids drinks.
Pavlo L.

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