[Marxism] ISO's position on Cuba

dwalters at marxists.org dwalters at marxists.org
Mon Jun 14 21:46:02 MDT 2004

Bill writes:
This being said, we reserve the right to maintain that it is impossible
for socialism to exist isolated in one country, and that workers'
control over the means of production is a necessary component of
socialism.  While the Cuban Revolution was "a genuine upheaval against
U.S. imperialism" and should be supported against U.S. imperialism,
workers within Cuba that struggle against the ruling class should
receive our support.  

Fred responeded:
I am not quite clear why opposition to the theory of "socialism in one
country" dictates a call for the overthrow of the Cuban "ruling class."
The connection is not at all clear to me.  Trotsky, who made some
contributions to the thinking of opponents of "socialism in one
country," never advocated overthrow of the "ruling class": under Lenin
or even under Stalin (he advocated a political revolution to overthrow a
bureaucratic caste under Stalin, a position that seems correct to me."
Frankly, given the record of the Cubans, I don't see why opposing the
theory of "socialism in one country," which I believe they have never
endorsed, dictates overthrowing the leadership.

My response:
Obviously the distillation of the difference over Cuba between the ISO and the 
rest of the left that sees Cuba as socialiist/revolutionary/workers state, etc 
is over the class nature of the state, not the ISO's agitation and campaigning 
around US attacks on Cuba. In this latter part, I find the ISO's point of view 
very good, 'Cuba defensist', etc.

Andy discussion, therefore, of the differences would entail a polemic with ISO 
supporters over the nature of the Cuban revolution who perhaps view Cuba not 
much different than Haiti under Artistide (??), the existance of a 'ruling 
class', and so on. 


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