[Marxism] ISO's position on Cuba

B. Castleberry bcastleberry1hsd at earthlink.net
Mon Jun 14 23:42:20 MDT 2004

This is interesting.  Been shopping around, surfing "Jay's", and saw 
that the ISO supported workers' struggles against the ruling class in 
Cuba.  WTF, thought I, are Cuban workers struggling against the Cuban 
government?  And if so, are these struggles unconnected in any way with 
reaction and US interests?

A Google on Tariq Ali led me back here, to Mr. Proyect's piece on him, 
and then to this very civil discussion.

My sympathies lie with Mr. Feldman.  Is a bureaucracy a class?  How else 
can any class control production other than by means of a bureacracy?  I 
work for a county government, and I don't think that it would be very 
different under socialism than under capitalism.  Its administrators 
would only mediate beween a different set of interests.  Human nature 
being what it is, bribery and nepotism will always be with us.

I confess that I am a newcomer here, and I would welcome any suggestions 
for reading.


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