[Marxism] Re: ISO position on Cuba

Fred Feldman ffeldman at bellatlantic.net
Tue Jun 15 01:57:53 MDT 2004

Actually, I made an important error in my comments on the ISO position
on Cuba.  I seemed to imply that the issue was whether Cuba has a ruling
class.  Of course it does.  The ruling class in Cuba is the working
class, in a close and collaborative alliance with the peasantry and,
indeed, any other substantial section of the masses they can bring on
board.  The United States has been trying to overthrow and destroy the
gains of this class rule and class alliance since the Cuban workers and
peasants began the capture of state power with the fall of Batista.
So, as I see it, the overthrow of the ruling class in Cuba would be very
bad news for the oppressed of the world, and very good news for US
However, my real point was the advance represented by the ISO's
increasingly clear and sharp stand on the defense of Cuba, and how this
created a basis for broad collaboration with Cuba and with the defenders
of Cuba around the world against the blockade, US threats, and so on.
I simply pointed out a small and secondary contradiction in the
thinking.  The writer seemed to root the call to overthrow the Cuban
ruling class -- from the governmental standpoint, that's basically the
worker-peasant alliance in my view and in reality -- in opposition to
the theory of socialism in one country.  I simply noted that
overthrowing Cuba's ruling class did not flow automatically from
opposition to that theory.  Quite the contrary, actually.
But the primary thing was to note the growing possibility of defense of
Cuba against imperialism in common with the ISO, since such defense need
not necessarily be based on recognition of the fact that the working
people carried out a socialist revolution (which is not the same thing,
of course, as establishing socialism).
Fred Feldman

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