[Marxism] More reading on labour aristocracy

Federico Adrian Fuentes fuentf01 at tartarus.uwa.edu.au
Tue Jun 15 09:19:04 MDT 2004

Also, article on labour aristocracy debate worth reading is in the latest
Links magazine No 25 (www.dsp.org.au/links). The article "Engels and the
theory of the labour aristocracy" is written by Jonathan Strauss, a member
of the Socialist Alliance and Democratic Socialist Perspective in
Australia. It is the first in a series of three articles on this question.
Unfortunately it is not up yet but here is a taste.....

"This article considers the scope and significance of the theory and its
application by Engels to understanding the politics of the English working
class in the latter half of the nineteenth century. A second planned
article will discuss Lenin's development of the theory, using principally
German and US historical examples, the strategies and tactics he proposed
and controversies surrounding the theory about the source and nature of the
"bribe" to the labour aristocracy, the stratum's composition of the labour
aristocracy and the relationship of the labour aristocracy to both the
labour bureacracy and the rest of the class. The final article in the
series will apply the theory of the labour aristocracy to an understanding
of the history of the Australian working class"

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