[Marxism] Losing the "War on Terror" and Cooking the Books to Hide It

DLVinvest at cs.com DLVinvest at cs.com
Tue Jun 15 11:55:47 MDT 2004

I haven't read your blog on this but caution you not to fall for the con-game 
in the numbers of "terrorist incidents" emanating from Foggy Bottom. By way 
of analogy, some clever math-wonk once noted that the only statistically 
significant correlation ever found between the FBI's Uniform Crime Reports and any 
other phenomenon was that reported crime went up before J Edgar Hoover asked 
Congress for more money and down when he got it. Of course, cause and effect 
were implied but unprovable. The problem is not merely in the measurement but the 
definition of what's to be counted and measured, starting with the fact that 
no crime or atrocity committed by the US or its allies qualifies as 

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