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Please distribute....

Dear Friends,
Maude Barlow of the Council of Canadians, and Elizabeth May of the Sierra
Club, are circulating the letter below regarding Stephen Harper and his
policies. We need signatures from as many Canadian women as possible.Due to
the shortage of time to act before the election, we are hoping to get as
many prominent women signed on as possible - to maximize the impact when the
letter is released to the media. Because of the focus on the election, we
should be able to get good media coverage this time!.

Please, if you can, circulate this letter as far and wide as possible.

We need the full name and title/credentials (if applicable) for the

Many thanks for any assistance you can provide with this important
Warmest regards,
Jillian Skeet
Tel: 604-324-1135
Email: jillianskeet at telus.net


On June 28, 2004, Canadians face a starker choice than in any election in
our life times.  Dissatisfaction with the years of  Liberal government is
driving voters toward the "Conservative Party" and its new and telegenic
leader, Stephen Harper.  With only weeks to go until election day, we fear
many members of the public will not have time to adequately assess the sharp
and clear differences between the major parties.

In fact, the "Conservative Party" is not a known and trusted alternative.

The Right Honourable Joe Clark, former Prime Minister and a life-long member
of the Progressive Conservative Party, made this clear when he urged the
Canadian public to choose Paul Martin over Harper.

The Harper agenda scares  him.  Many leading former Progressive
Conservatives feel the same.  The party Harper leads has little in common
with the former Progressive Conservative Party. But there is a way that
Canadians can  learn more about Harper's mysterious party:  We can look
South, to George Bush and the U.S. Republican Party.

Like the Bush Republicans, the Harper Conservatives would take Canada
into dangerous territory:

--Bush and Harper favour Canadian involvement in the illegal U.S. attack on
--Bush and Harper would take Canada to deficits in order to pour billions
into the military.  Bush has already taken the U.S.  into trillions of
dollars of debt to fund militarism.
--Bush and Harper deny the reality of climate change and the threat  to the
whole planet, and especially Canada, from our continued reliance on fossil
--Bush and Harper reject the Kyoto Protocol.  Harper has said he would not
implement this international treaty which Canada has already ratified.
--Bush and Harper would change the protection of human rights enshrined in
our respective Bill of Rights and Charter of Rights. Harper has said he
would use the notwithstanding clause to prevent the equal application of the
marriage laws as they effect single-sex couples.
--Bush and Harper would challenge a woman's right to choose.  Harper has
said he would allow the issue of access to legal abortions to be re-opened
through an open vote in the House of Commons.
--Bush was responsible for more executions than any other U.S. Governor of
recent times.  Harper has suggested the prohibition of capital punishment
would be re-opened in Canada.

We must not sleep walk into electing a Canadian version of George W. Bush.
Challenge Stephen Harper on these positions.

Harper tells Canadians we should "Demand Better."

First, Canadians must  "Demand the truth" about the new Canadian Republican
Party, masquerading as the Conservative Party of Canada.

We do not have much time.    END

If you would like to add your name as a signatory of this letter, please
contact Jillian Skeet:
email: jillianskeet at telus.net
phone: 604-324-1135

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