[Marxism] The Guardian lies the EU elections: UK Independence Party

Ben Halligan B.Halligan at yorksj.ac.uk
Tue Jun 15 18:38:44 MDT 2004

from: http://politics.guardian.co.uk/elections2004/comment/0,14549,1239468,00.html

"However dangerous they may be to the
furthering of European aims, Ukip are not fascists or
far right extremists..."

Virtually all UKIP officials and many of its candidates up to their arms in fascist politics. In particular, the top four in the party have been transplanted from the New Britain movement, which was pro-Apartheid, wanted forced repatriation and so on.

Here's one link of many:

What is the context for the Guardian's line on the UKIP - which may represent an "intellectual" framework for besieged Blair's present attempt to incorporate their rhetoric?
"Nationality, ethnicity and culture: Guardian hosts the racist ideas of David Goodhart"
full: http://www.wsws.org/articles/2004/apr2004/good-a06_prn.shtml

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