Fwd: [Marxism] ISO's position on Cuba

Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Tue Jun 15 20:32:21 MDT 2004

Trotskyists vary widely in their attitudes toward Cuba.

Most who call themselves Trotskyist hold Cuba to be a
deformed workers state and favor a political revolution
for Cuba. This includes the Spartacists and others like

Others consider Cuba capitalist, such as the World
Socialist Website(latter day followers of Gerry Healy).

Still others in that corner of the world, such as the ISO
call Cuba either bureaucratic collectivist or some other
variant which also needs a political revolution in order
to satisfy their rather demanding criteria for approval.

Then there are a few Trotskyists who consider that the
Cubans are revolutionaries, and, whatever criticisms
they may have, they don't favor "political revolution"
for Cuba. This would include Socialist Action, which is
led by Jeff Mackler and Gerry Foley, and Socialist
Viewpoint, the group led by Nat Weinstein.

I'm not at home and on a dialup connection or else I'd
flesh this out in greater detail.

Walter Lippmann

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