[Marxism] Losing the "War on Terror" and Cooking the Books to Hide It

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Tue Jun 15 21:29:06 MDT 2004

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furuhashi.1 at osu.edu writes: 
> we have chosen the definition of terrorism contained in Title 22 of the 
> United States Code, Section 2656f(d). That statute contains the following 
> definitions:
> The term terrorism means premeditated, politically motivated violence 
> perpetrated against noncombatant1 targets by subnational groups or 
> clandestine agents, usually intended to influence an audience.

and as I emphasized in my original reply to your post on the State Dept's 
revision of its numbers, the key is the political choice to exclude by definition 
any state-sponsored terrorism by the US itself or its allies and puppets.

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