Socialist Alliance in the US? Was Re: [Marxism] Fusion in NZ

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Tue Jun 15 22:40:19 MDT 2004

Dear friends,

I have have periodically attempted to spark a discussion on this list 
about the prospects of socialists in the US attempting a Socialist 
Alliance/Scottish Socialist Party-like formation. I am still interested 
in your views on the subject. Would members of Workers World, the ISO 
and other US parties on the list, as well as non-aligned socialists, 
care to comment on the possibility of greater left unity?

Revo regards,

Jose G. Perez wrote:
> 	I think this development in New Zealand --the fusion of
> post-Trotskyist and post-Maoist (or New Communist Movement, as U.S.
> terminology has it) groups, along with a number of individual
> activists-- is a very important achievement that should serve as an
> inspiration to revolutionaries in other countries, and especially in the
> United States.
> 	I hope the documents of the founding of the RWL soon become
> available on line, and I, for one, would urge the comrades to include
> their *organizational* provisions, if possible. 
> José
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