[Marxism] Solidarity Statement from the IRSP

Danielle Ni Dhighe danielle at irsm.org
Wed Jun 16 06:33:53 MDT 2004

12 June 2004

Solidarity Statement from the IRSP

Comrades, on behalf of the Irish Republican Socialist Party I extend
solidarity and revolutionary greetings to this gathering, the

As I write, the arch-imperialist -- and architect of this current
phase of capitalist expansionism -- Ronald Reagan is being laid
to "rest" with all the pomp and splendour of a despot of old.
Plaudits from the perceived great and good proclaim him to have been
the "greatest" US leader of the 20th century. Carve another face on
Mount Rushmore they say. For this is the man who destroyed Communism,
Socialism and stabilised Central America. The man who "won" the Cold
War, the man who, with George Bush Sr., invented the New World Order,
whose troops now march across the globe in the name of their
anointed son under the banner of the "War Against Terror." The
architect may be dead, but his ideas and children live on.

His legacy, if it can be called that, is this war on terror. But as
we all know, comrades, it is not a war on terror, but a war of
terror. It is a war to enable the flow out of conquered nations of
oil and other natural wealth, while a tide of Coca Cola, Big Macs and
GM cars foster division and exploitation among the vanquished.

And all, all in the name of democracy. We in Ireland know all about
the British and US take on democracy! We understand it as this, they
invade your nation, import settlers, spread money around, buy who
they can, kill or exile those they can't.

Then, and this is the good bit comrades, they call an election. If
your money men and death squads have done their work well, you win,
if you don't think you're going to do so well, you disenfranchise the
opposition by calling them terrorists and exclude them from the
process. After all, there are still more British troops on active
service in the North of Ireland then there are serving on
expansionist duties with NATO or the Bush/Blair coalition.

As it has been in Ireland for almost 900 years, so it is today in
Iraq, in Serbia, in Haiti, Afghanistan and almost all of Central
America. This is the New World Order of Reagan and the Bushes.

It would be true to say that Reagan did more than any other to
advance the cause of world capitalism by uniting far flung elements
of world business and right wing politicians from around the world in
a quest for the "Global Market."

It is therefore fitting that this conference takes place the day
after his burial. As Reagan forged global unity among a Diaspora of
capitalists and right wingers, so let us today start to build a
global front to fight them. At the turn of the last century unity was
the core of the developing power of the working class.

Reagan and his cohorts have learnt their lesson from this and it is
they now that are unified and we the Diaspora. Groups and even
nations are alone, afloat in a sea of the bought and fallen comrades.
Demonised, marginalised, played off against each other and divided.

But today, there are many groups here, many nations are represented.
Let us start today to build a unity that will eventually shake the
New World Order to its core and end its evil march. A unity that
stretches once more from Derry to Delhi, from Istanbul to Melbourne.

Today we have the opportunity to mix, to network, to make new
comrades for the struggle. We need them, comrades, for there will not
be a day of reckoning, because that day is here. The New World Order
is at the door and we must make our stand now, collectively, or we
will fall to it one by one.

We in the Republican Socialist Movement in Ireland trace our line to
those who Lenin himself called "the first Red Army in Europe," the
Irish Socialist Republican Party and the Irish Citizen Army. It is
still the politics of their leader James Connolly that inspire us
today for it was he who said: "The great only appear great because we
are on our knees. Let us arise."

Let us walk from here today, let us walk among others when we return
to our individual nations or communities, let us give other the
courage to stand up. To say no to this war, no to the New World Order
and no to the continued exploitation of those who produce but do not
share in the wealth they generate.

Terry Harkin
Ard-Chomhairle, IRSP

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