[Marxism] Chinese economic growth and global ecology

Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Wed Jun 16 08:03:56 MDT 2004

China and Cuba have a close economic and a friendly diplomatic
relationship. While Washington blockades Cuba and the EU colludes
with Washington against Cuba, China retains friendly ties with Cuba
and opposes Washington's international efforts to destroy the Cuban
Revolution. I'm sure there are no bargains in what China sells to its
Cuban partners, but China's active economic relationship with Cuba
is clear and present and makes a positive contribution to the Cuban

The Chinese have even begun tourism to Cuba all the way from 
China not long ago. There's therefore no problem at all mentioning
Cuba and China in the same breath. Their historical processes are
very different and China plays a much greater role in the economy
of the world today, while Cuba's influence is more on the political
and moral way: Cuba's role is that of a positive example.

As mentioned before, I understand that the Chinese have allowed a
far greater impetus to and influence from apparently unchecked
market mechanisms. This does seem to have very problemmatic
ecological and other impacts on Chinese life. I'm not a close student
of China, as mentioned previously. 

China, together with Brazil and other countries in the third world are
trying to build up an alternative international pole which isn't in the
process of blockading Cuba. In its own obvious self-interest, Cuba
looks to these powers for friendly economic and political ties. Those
interested in this topic might want to look at H. Michael Erisman's 
book on Cuban Foreign Policy in a Post-Soviet World to understand
how and why Cuba practices the diplomacy it does.

Resentment against the Chinese Revolution has been a staple of the
Western capitalist media since approximately 1949.

Walter Lippmann

How I can "possibly mention China and Cuba in the same breath."

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