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>Class consciousness is a consciousness of sharing a common social condition 
with an entire social class, and it doesn't mandate any particular solution.  
I don't think you have to be a socialist to be class conscious or, conversely, 
that the only way to be
class conscious is to be a socialist.<


The bourgeoisie is class conscious generally speaking. The problem for me has 
been to discard Leninism without discarding his practical approach to what 
was in front of him. Teaching the workers to take a class stance means 
developing an awareness of sharing a common social condition with an entire social 
class, - from a specific standpoint - in my opinion. 

Our class is extremely stratified. In my experience the workers knew they 
were workers and not capitalist or managers but this seemed to me to be a certain 
social consciousness. The problem seems to be defining class consciounsess on 
the basis of our working class and not the working class of Lenin's time. 

Class consciousness in my writings mean a political consciousness of the need 
to transfer political power to accomplish ones goals. Others mean different 
things by class consciousness. 

It seems to me that communist consciousness will be something a little 
different from in the last period. Communist consciousness is riveted to the 
evolving awareness of the New American proletariat, and as such does not mean 
Marxism. None of this is in Lenin. We face an entirely different alignment of social 
forces in America. 

My precedence is the sixty - seventy year propaganda campaign waged to win 
the peoples of the American Union over to the cause of ending slavery or what is 
the same, the cause of the lower class in society. 

Melvin P. 

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