Socialist Alliance in the US? Was Re: [Marxism] Fusion in NZ

Adam Levenstein cleon42 at
Wed Jun 16 09:56:19 MDT 2004

I think that would be a good direction to go in. I think the Green
Party is really doing its best to make sure it will never become the
vehicle for working-class politics that we want it to.

However, forming a Socialist Alliance in the US would be problematic.
The socialist Left in the US is so incredibly rife with sectarianism
that it would take a minor miracle to get groups to cooperate to build
an Alliance.

Would the ISO participate? Probably, given their recent overtures
towards building a broader Left. Would Workers World? Again, probably.
But would the ISO be willing to work with Workers World? Ay, there's
the rub. Solidarity would undoubtedly be willing to work in the SA--but
again, would Soli be willing to work with WWP? Since I've been in Soli,
I've seen attitudes towards WWP that make this list look like an SWP
fan club. Freedom Road would probably participate as well. Would
Trotskyists be willing to work with (ex-)Maoists, and vice-versa?

We need to struggle--and struggle *hard*--to overcome that sort of
mistrust and sectarianism before we can even *think* about building
that sort of formation.


--- glparramatta <glparramatta at> wrote:
> Dear friends,
> I have have periodically attempted to spark a discussion on this list
> about the prospects of socialists in the US attempting a Socialist 
> Alliance/Scottish Socialist Party-like formation. I am still
> interested 
> in your views on the subject. Would members of Workers World, the ISO
> and other US parties on the list, as well as non-aligned socialists, 
> care to comment on the possibility of greater left unity?
> Revo regards,
> Norm.

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