[Marxism] The Rosenbergs

Mark Lause MLause at cinci.rr.com
Wed Jun 16 11:06:29 MDT 2004

Those of us who did time in the Houston SWP during the early 1970s
should recall Fred and Laura Brode.  I believe I mentioned before that
their activities in the Fair Play for Cuba Committee in Texas bumped
them up against Lee Harvey Oswald, who they (and everyone else in the
region who met him) thought to be an FBI informer who knew nothing about
Cuba or Castro.

Before meeting Fred through work with the unemployed, Laura was in the
YCL during the early 1930s...the same cell with Julius as organizer.
She said she helped to recruit Ethel Greenglass.  Given the personal
connection, the two had done what they could for the Rosenberg defense.
However, neither of them believed Julius was entirely innocent of
passing information to the USSR during World War II.  Laura said she
thought Ethel had been involved in doing it as well.  According to
Laura, who knew her before she joined Julius' group, Ethel was very
reluctant to join and took considerable persuading.  Things changed
"once she was finally convinced," as Laura put it, and she didn't think
Ethel would have hesitated at anything to advance to cause.

Mark L

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