[Marxism] ISO's position on Cuba

Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Wed Jun 16 13:07:13 MDT 2004

How could it be a DISTORTION to say that the ISO is against the
ending the blockade? That is either a fact or it isn't a fact. Anyway,
my original post did NOT say the ISO is against ending the blockade.
The ISO's position on Cuba was quoted accurately, not distorted.

I understand that the ISO has taken a position against the blockade.
I'm not aware of any political activity beyond expressing opposition
to the blockade in its publications, but holding the position is good.

In providing the link to Hector Reyes' article in the International
Socialist Review, I meant for any interested reader to go directly to
the source for the ISO's position on Cuba. It's reposted again here.

The ISO however IS in favor of overthrowing the Cuban government,
the one which came into power via the Revolution. Of course, the ISO
says it favors the overthrow of the Cuban government to be done by
THE WORKERS, not by the capitalist government in Washington, and
if memory serves, I did make that distinction from the start. This is a
"third camp" position, unless my memory of the concept is faulty.

At this time I'm not aware that there are many workers in Cuba who 
favor the overthrow of the Cuban government, as the ISO advocates.

REYES: http://www.isreview.org/issues/30/cuba.shtml 

Also: What's Behind Cuba's Crackdown (2003)

Is Castro's Cuba A Socialist Society?

Walter Lippmann

Walter, your original post said that the ISO is against ending the blockade, 
which is a fanatical distortion, prompting me to clarify our position.  

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