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> Venona files released by
> >Russia in the 1990s, as part of an effort to
> >mollify anti-Communist opinion in the USA,
> >substantiated the guilt of Julius Rosenberg."
the KGB selective releases from its archives tended to corroborate the FBI's 
"Venona" decrypts of Soviet embassy cables, but they do not "substantiate the 
guilt" of Julius, nor exonerate Ethel as a less witting accomplice, unless you 
accept the charges in their indictment at face value: Espionage and treason. 
These were the cover for an anti-communist campaign to intimidate and enforce 
the loyalty of people in the US as "patriots"to their rulers; the evidence was 
always a secondary consideration for the prosecutors and judge who imposed 
the death sentences: Their motives were to coerce ideological confromity by the 
exemplary killing of the Rosenbergs. 

The Venona decrypts and Soviet archives coincide on the fact that Julius was 
a conduit for passing classified information. The degree to which he knew and 
understood the information and its implications can only be surmised. There is 
still room for debate as to whether that information, as alleged, actually 
jeopardized "national security" but, if so, it was precisely because it assisted 
the Soviet effort to develop a nuclear deterrent in response to the unique, 
unprecedented and unilateral threat posed by the US monopoly of such weaponry. 
He was tried and executed for "treason" despite and in fact because of his 
minor role in assisting the development of  what the Cold Warriors themselves 
later proclaimed was the "balance-of-terror" that prevented nuclear war and 
"mutually assured destruction." As an antidote to Edward Teller, perhaps Julius and 
the relatively "innocent" Ethel Rosenberg should be nominated for the 
post-humous Nobel Peace Prize-of-the-Century. Arguably, their unforgiveable "guilt" 
was in their motive: allegience to the internationalist ideals of communism, 
not to either a capitalist or even socialist fatherland.

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