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> I have health care but perhaps 50 million people in the American Union do 
> not. 

today's Denver Post carried an AP story on a study by Families USA that 
estimated 82 million (1/3 of population below age 65, when Medicare kicks in) went 
without health insurance at some point in the last two years, and most of 
those were uninsured for more than nine months. Census Bureau reported last 
September that 43.6 million went without insurance for the entire year of 2002. 

Coupled with cutbacks in Medicaid (state-subsidized health care for the 
medically indigent) at a time when more people qualified, this means that many more 
people had to go into debt to pay for health care (and those without 
insurance pay higher prices than those who are covered) or went without medical 
treatment due to inability to pay.

This is an issue ripe for class-conscious political organizing approach, 
including an alliance between organized, unorganized, insured, uninsured, 
immigrant and poor, etc. to demand a national health-care program paid by progressive 
taxation on wealth and income. (The Dems since Hillary's "reform" debacle of 
1993, and presumptive nominee Kerry, under the pernicious influence of the 
Democratic Leadership Council, have run away from national "single-payer, 
universal health-care" (socialized medicine) and favor concessions to "providers" 
(private medical services companies), insurance speculators (aggressively in the 
premium-collection business for cash-flow to fiinance investments in 
real-estate, stocks, arbitrage and currency trading, but assiduously avoiding the 
claims-payment part of the deal), and the phramaceutical companies. In short, they 
have moved the Dem Party back 60 years, to before Harry Truman.

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