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>today's Denver Post carried an AP story on a study by Families USA that 
estimated 82 million (1/3 of population below age 65, when Medicare kicks in) 
without health insurance at some point in the last two years, and most of 
those were uninsured for more than nine months. Census Bureau reported last 
September that 43.6 million went without insurance for the entire year of 


82 million in the last two years! 

82 million. 

Well, comrade I consider myself a clever bloke but cannot count to one damn 
million much less 82. 

82 million!  In the heart of this 82 million is the communist class or New 
American proletariat. 

Dictatorship of the Proletariat Today. Overthrow Capital at 5:30 Eastern 
standard time tomorrow. To hell with the bosses and bourgeois property. 

Well, our class and diverse peoples of the American Union are going to evolve 
along the path they are already on and if they do not see my particular point 
of view at this moment that is all right . . . and I am unwilling to break 
the connection . . . so I am going to try and do what is in front of me. 

What is so sinister about taking a class stance in favor of national health 
care underwritten by the government? A section of the bourgeoisie and small 
business supports this demand and that is the daily complexity of the class 

And this is a winnable demand. We communists are not scared of complexity. We 
are fighting the thousand year war, based on what is in front of us with a 
critical eye to the line of march of the proletariat.  

Free National Health Care . . And beer. Yea . . . beer. Stroh's for the home 

Me? That damn Sam Adam's did something to my tongue that won't go away. 
Coor's make me want to throw up but that is political and ideological. 


Melvin P. 

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