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John Obrien causecollector at msn.com
Thu Jun 17 09:04:49 MDT 2004

I do not understand how people who call themselves "leftists" somehow want to identify with the British Royal family control and occupation continuing of Ireland, Scotland, Wales and England.  The British Royal Family are invaders who came from the European mainland continent.  Saxons, Welsh, Scotish and Irish peoples have been subjugated and the victims of this occupation.

Leftists are NOT for kingdoms and support self-determination.  While Ronald Reagan, Ted Kennedy, Bill Clinton are of Irish heritage they were never for Irish Freedom.  

Ireland has been an occupied nation for centuries - and this must be recognized as the basis for understanding "What the Irish want"!  I am heartened that many are presently moving in Scotland, to see the need for ending "The United Kingdom"!

John O'Brien
Los Angeles, CA
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  >>Like most Irish men and women, I find the term British Isles to be
  hateful. (DoC)

  I can see why, but some questions:

  1. Do *most* Irish really feel that way, even the less politically minded?
  Or haven't a lot of them just got used to the term? I remember overhearing
  an Irish woman (southern) protesting loudly that she'd tried to spend
  British pounds somewhere in Dublin and been rejected, which she thought
  outrageous. "British pounds aren't foreign." Yeah, that's what she said!
  2. Isn't the term "United Kingdom" least as offensive from an Irish
  Republican/ anti-imperialist point of view? I always avoided it. Yet these
  days "UK" seems to be in common use on the left including this list.

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