[Marxism] quiet and behaved?

Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Thu Jun 17 09:14:47 MDT 2004

Thanks for citing this nine-year old article on gays in Cuba
from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. One could cite many
more just like that, of course. The Cubans long ago gave 
up the practices of insitutionalized homophobia which were
indeed practiced in the sixties and seventies. That was
thirty to forty years ago and is no longer the case at all
today. You cannot legislate personal feelings, and therefore
homophobia continues to exist among individual Cuband as
it even exists in such paradises for LGBT people as these
United States of America.

Of course those who hang on to the ancient history of what
was done in Cuba decades ago may feel comforted by such
old memories. However, they aren't based in material reality.

Here's a chapter from a recently published Cuban book on

Walter Lippmann

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