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Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Thu Jun 17 11:21:13 MDT 2004

paul bunyan wrote:
"I feel one of the major mistakes of the 80's by activist resisting US 
attacks against Nicaragua, was instead of building anti-intervention 
organizations, was in building solidarity type ones, which implied 
uncritical support of the Scandalista leadership in that country, as the 
basis of unity. I say we stick with the anti-Vietnam War model."

There actually were both types of formations. Sister Cities projects, 
etc. provided solidarity while united front coalitions led by Ramsey 
Clark mounted periodic demonstrations in Washington. They unfortunately 
were not as broad as they should have been. Also, since US ground troops 
were not involved in Central America as they are in Iraq today, the 
movement lacked the kind of intensity it has today. As far as the FSLN 
is concerned, it was beaten into the ground by a combination of 
Reaganism and Kremlin betrayal, so I wouldn't blame them too much.


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