[Marxism] Chinese national pride, productive forces, ecological harm

Xenon Zi-Neng Yuan wenhuadageming at comcast.net
Thu Jun 17 11:38:37 MDT 2004

At 12:00 PM 6/17/2004, Nestor Gorojovsky wrote:
>Something is for sure:  if this "national control" did not exist,
>China would become a hypocolony sooner than we can imagine.

as much as it pains me to see that the CPC has much of its own internal rot 
and decay to disinfect, i feel this is absolutely true.

>And this is the main obsession of the Chinese, either Marxists or of
>other political persuasion, save for gangs of sepoys such as the
>Falun Gong sect, and so on.  It is in this context that gigantic dams
>should be viewed.

precisely.  i've had my own run-ins with the falun gong.  sepoys 
indeed.  and even my anti-PRC anti-communist one-time taijiquan shifu knows 
they are a cult who will bring no ultimate good to china.


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