[Marxism] Chinese national pride, productive forces, ecological harm

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dwalters at igc.org writes:
Lastly, the idea that we shouldn't criticize China is throughly 
un-Marxist in my opinion. NO entity is above examination and critique, 
NONE. This runs counter to everything Marxism and socialism stand for. 
It's HOW one raises such critiques. That Melvin resorts to race-baiting 
to back up his argument has no place on this list.

David Walters


This is nothing but rotten white chauvinism. China is a country and we do not 
criticize countries. You have not a clue as to the meaning of white 
chauvinism. One can criticize a policy but you state very clearly we are to criticize a 
country and this is not slip of the pen but foul and rotten white chauvinism. 

You can go to hell.

Melvin P. 

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