[Marxism] Chinese national pride, productive forces, ecological harm

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Lastly, the idea that we shouldn't criticize China is throughly 
un-Marxist in my opinion. NO entity is above examination and critique, 
NONE. This runs counter to everything Marxism and socialism stand for. 
It's HOW one raises such critiques. That Melvin resorts to race-baiting 
to back up his argument has no place on this list.

David Walters


The rats always show themselves for what they are in respects to the colored 
masses of planet earth. 

You state "NO Entity" and you mean the people of China. You so not state "no 
political formation" . . . "no ruling group" . . .  you in your foolishness 
have condemned 1.3 billion people. 

You are being a white chauvinist rat. Repent. Withdraw this form of 

Criticize a policy not an entire entity called a country. In this case China. 

You only prove that revolutionaries in America . . . especially the white 
one, are as stupid as they are. African American Marxist from where I come 
consider this exposition unpardonable . . . and to repeat it twice is an affront to 

Melvin P. 

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