[Marxism] RE: To Melvin

Sancar Olcay skolcay at decicon.com
Thu Jun 17 15:22:04 MDT 2004

Hello all

I agree. This is a big loss for this list. He was a very powerful 
contributor to all of the "meaningful" discussions on this list. One who 
could see beyond Marxism (or Stalinism ,or Trotskyism or ....) as a 
religion, one who can link theory and practice; ideal and material 
world. Not many around

And as someone from the so called "third world" but also part of an 
oppressor nation, I would suggest our comrades in the "first world" not 
to dismiss 'white chauvinism' characterization so easily. Since it is in 
the air we breath, water we drink, images we see....people do not notice 
that they posses it (and it is very hard to avoid since we are all 
shaped by our environments) until that is they are slapped in the face. 
And Melvin is very good at that. Not that I agree (or disaggree) with 
his particular characterization, but just as a general rule.

I hope he returns.


Calvin Broadbent wrote:

> Hi,
> I for one am not supportive of Melvin's leaving. I find his input a 
> real refreshment in comparison with the moralistic political analysis 
> of Trotskyism (like anarchists, they detest any real revolutionary 
> process). I believe Melvin's characterisation of attacks on 'China' by 
> white Americans as objectively based in 'white chauvinism', to contain 
> some truth. I hope Melvin returns.
> cheers.
>> If I am wrong or in your opinion strayed from the Marxist approach 
>> that prohibit us from criticizing countries then I ask to be 
>> unsubscribed.
>>  I cannot go along with this mode of thinking. I state point blank 
>> the bourgeois property relations in China. This is white chauvinism 
>> and the challenge is to repudiate it. I began with myself.
>>  Fuck it man . . . unsubscribe me. I cannot agree with this and go 
>> this far without repudiating everything I have lived for.
>>  I'm out
>>   Thanks for the tolerance.
>>   Melvin P.
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