[Marxism] Chinese economic growth and global ecology-Chauvinist slip

Xenon Zi-Neng Yuan wenhuadageming at comcast.net
Thu Jun 17 16:25:50 MDT 2004

melvin's call for a "gag order" of sorts in unnecessary, in my 
opinion.  but so is a "gag order" on accusations of white chauvinism (or 
"racism" as it is called here in america), particularly when coming from a 
non-white person in a white-male-dominated forum.  louis' was arguably 
justified for moderating melvin, but not for the reasons stated.  personal 
insults and foul language were legitimate reasons.  but not the accusation 
of white chauvinism in this case, as i feel the claim was not just 
arbitrarily thrown around, despite his flaws in presentation.


At 05:33 PM 6/17/2004, DLVinvest at cs.com wrote:
>Well, now we have a real disagreement: We need to study the Chinese
>revolutionary process  -- with respect for what the Chinese people have 
>done, which is
>the greatest treasure torve of historical experience, including revolution,
>for our entire species. We need now to get a clear idea of what they have 
>what they do and don't do that advances the cause of communism.. That 
>what we call errors, or mistakes, or even in some cases "crimes'. In drawing
>conclusions as a basis for criticism, in order to clarify our own views and
>shape our own practice of what is to be done and how to do it, we need to 
>err on
>the side of caution, but we also need to be able to speak freely and openly.
>The decision of the Chinese Communist Party to allow capitalists into the
>party reflects and confirms the earlier decisions to allow the law of 
>value to
>operate more freely, to allow the accumulation of capital in privately owned
>enterprises, and to allow newly "alienable" property so accumulated to be 
>and sold as a commodity, including means of production, and passed on by
>individuals to their families as part of the transformation of the industrial
>bureaucracy (management in state enterprises) into a new form of national
>bourgeoisie. How long such a party can remain communist in anything but 
>name is a
>legitimate issue for discussion among self-styled Marxists and communists and
>workers everywhere precisely because the Chinese experience means so much 
>to the
>workingclass as a whole and to the future of our world.
>In other words, don't censor yourself in the name of solidarity or for fear
>of being called a chauvinist. That will happen even if you're an honest
>revolutionary communist black worker and elected union leader (retired). 
>Oh, and
>unreconstructed unapologetic Stalinist to boot.

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