[Marxism] The Chronciles of Riddick.

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> Riddick is bad . . . fuck the la la. 
cool, down with it, but is that bad or baaad?  (Honky can't tell! I missed 
Vin Deisel's earlier epic while trying to figure out if that was a "real" name, 
slave name, or a sales pitch, redneck peckerwood that I be.)

Nonetheless, I think "fuck the la la" is a revolutionary demand rather than 
reformist slogan, by the way, and better than the "screw the fru-fru petit 
bourgeois necromancer fucks" position we used to have.

Hope you'll get back on the list, so I won't be the only Stalinist left, or 
left-Stalinist white-chauvinist either.

54-40 -- make that 30-for-40 --  or fight,

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