[Marxism] Loyalist Intimidation Justifies RUC's Lack of Protection of Children -- "Lord Chief Justice" -- !

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Loyalist Intimidation Justifies RUC Lack of Protection of
Children --"Lord Chief Justice" -- !


A dispute at a north Belfast primary school three years ago was one of
the most shameful and disgraceful episodes in recent history, the Lord
Chief Justice has said.

Sir Brian Kerr made the comment as he dismissed an attempt by the
mother of a child at Holy Cross Girls' school to legally challenge
police handling of the dispute.

The three-month protest in 2001 by loyalist residents at the Ardoyne
interface saw pupils of Holy Cross being escorted to and from the
school by the security forces on a daily basis.

The dispute centred on alleged attacks on Protestant Glenbryn homes by
the larger nationalist community in Ardoyne.

It ended after local Protestant residents were promised social
improvements and new security measures.

In court on Wednesday, the mother was referred to as 'E' during the
hearing because she fears her life will be in danger if her name is

Public disorder

Sir Brian, who heard the application last September, said the sense of
outrage the events provoked could not be allowed to substitute for a
dispassionate and scrupulous examination of the legality of the
policing strategy and the decisions taken as to how the protest should
be handled.

"That appraisal must take place within a well-defined legal
framework," he said.

"Having conducted that assessment, I have concluded that the policing
judgements made have withstood the challenge that has been presented
to them.

"The application for judicial review must be dismissed."

The headmaster of Holy Cross Boys' School had told the court that the
attacks and intimidation "were more akin to the treatment of American
blacks in Alabama in the 1960s".

The Lord Chief Justice said "E" had alleged that police measures to
counteract the activities of the protesters were either non-existent
or totally ineffective.

But the district police commander, Chief Superintendent Maxwell, had
stated they tried to do everything possible to facilitate the safe
passage of children and parents to school.

There were constraints on policing action including the risk that
children would be exposed to even greater trauma or injury.

Sir Brian said: "Throughout, the safety of the children remained the
paramount consideration of the police.

"More aggressive police tactics would undoubtedly have led, Mr Maxwell
believed, to even more serious public disorder and the probable
involvement of loyalist paramilitary organisations.

"The lives of the parents and children would have been imperilled if
this had happened."

Story from BBC NEWS:

Published: 2004/06/16 14:11:50 GMT


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