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Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Thu Jun 17 17:14:35 MDT 2004

Xenon Zi-Neng Yuan wrote:
> india and the philippines frankly have little potential of becoming 
> full-fledged adversaries of US imperialism.  china does, whether it be 
> as a capitalist or communist rival.

I am surprised to hear this from you. A day does not go by without 
alarms being raised by outsourcing of high technology to India.

> it would have been nice if you had posted that *instead* of an article 
> which seemed to me more aligned with an bourgeois environmentalist 
> perspective coming from an outside observer within the imperial host 
> nation.

I had no idea that the other articles would have set off such a 
controversy. Frankly, it seems rather uncontroversial to me that the 
Chinese ruling class has about as much sensitivity to environmental 
questions as does the Mexican ruling class.

> so is affirmative action or the demand for reparations patronizing?  
> btw, lou paulsen's post could offer you some productive suggestions on 
> how to better and "unpatronizingly" approach people of color as a white 
> male leftist.

I have a completely different idea about these issues than Lou Paulsen, 
who is an unreconstructed Marxist-Leninist. Frankly, I would ban terms 
like "white chauvinism", "sexism", "objectively pro-imperialist", etc. 
from our discourse. I imagine that in a fierce faction fight in the WWP, 
such terms would inevitably come up.

> i specifically said the DESCENDANTS of those groups.  elbaum himself 
> cites fred ho's "legacy to liberation" as a source for more background 
> information on associated groups of primarily asian and pacific islander 
> composition.  (or try a slightly different take by UCLA's "asian 
> americans: the movement and the moment") in such sources is also 
> detailed some of the evolution of those groups after breakup/dissolution 
> in the present day.

If these descendants operate the way that their predecessors did, I 
would find very little to learn from them--at least on how to build a 
revolutionary party. That being said, individuals like Marlene Dixon or 
Carl Davidson did write some interesting analysis from time to time. I 
just have no use for the sectarian baggage that went along with it.

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