[Marxism] Moderator's note

Xenon Zi-Neng Yuan wenhuadageming at comcast.net
Thu Jun 17 17:39:10 MDT 2004

At 07:14 PM 6/17/2004, Louis Proyect wrote:
>I am surprised to hear this from you. A day does not go by without alarms 
>being raised by outsourcing of high technology to India.

they said the same of manufacturing in mexico.  but india does not at the 
present or near future have the political and cultural unity that china 
does, and neither mexico nor india have a chance of developing a credible 
nuclear deterrent in the near future either (though india might, 
eventually... much, much further down the road).

>I had no idea that the other articles would have set off such a 
>controversy. Frankly, it seems rather uncontroversial to me that the 
>Chinese ruling class has about as much sensitivity to environmental 
>questions as does the Mexican ruling class.

respectfully, it seems YOU are missing the point: that there are 
nonetheless concrete and objective differences between the ruling classes 
of those states and that of the US.  by presenting articles like the one 
you did, it gives the appearance to me and others that you are simply 
parroting the same line as scum like jasper becker or judith shapiro.

>  Frankly, I would ban terms like "white chauvinism", "sexism", 
> "objectively pro-imperialist", etc. from our discourse.

(i might agree with you somewhat on the last one, but... ) wow...  your 
true colors are coming out.  pun absolutely intended.

>If these descendants operate the way that their predecessors did, I would 
>find very little to learn from them--at least on how to build a 
>revolutionary party. That being said, individuals like Marlene Dixon or 
>Carl Davidson did write some interesting analysis from time to time. I 
>just have no use for the sectarian baggage that went along with it.

nice way of dismissing it all.  you do so at your own peril.  if you want 
to begin to understand the bulk of non-white involvement in "american 
marxism" from the 60's onwards, whatever its flaws, my recommendation 
stands.  if you prefer to stay cooped up in your world of mostly-white, 
mostly ex-trotskyites, that's your prerogative, though i would find it most 

i'm sorry it came to this.  if you want this to be my last comment, i'll 
say no more.


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