[Marxism] re: ISO and Cuba

Ben C minnows at connexus.net.au
Fri Jun 18 00:14:08 MDT 2004

stan smith wrote:
 > Those on this list who defend the ISO position say they don't want to 
get into some long debate on the subject. In other words, they admit 
their views are intellectually and politically indefensible, and so want 
to hush up the subject.

Are you sure they are not merely avoiding the ire of the list moderator, 
who thinks very lowly of "dry scholastic" debates about the correctness 
or otherwise of socialist leaders and debates long gone like Trotsky v. 
Stalin, Shachtman/Cliff etc v. Trotsky and so on? That's why I only 
posted a link to an off-list article on the state capitalism question.

I'm all for debating the most constructive form of solidarity with Cuba 
today (and for the record I consider the Cuban CP first-class 
revolutionary leaders). But the ISO's historical "state-capitalist" 
theory is probably best debated in another forum (less prone to flame 
wars, which your comments above seem likely to open up).

Of course, it's the moderator's call, not mine.

Ben C

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