[Marxism] Chinese economic growth and global ecology

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> are we really that aware of the tradeoffs the CP of China is balancing when 
> it makes this decision?  Are we well informed of their dilemmas and internal 
> discussions?  Are we aware of how China reads the international context, 
> justifiably or not?  I doubt it.

Me too, but I repeat at the risk of quoting myself: 

"We [by which I mean those of us who are serious about all this] need to 
study the Chinese revolutionary process -- with respect for what the Chinese 
people have done, which is the greatest treasure trove of historical experience, 
including revolution, for our entire species...."

> IMHO, idle indiscretion and morbid political curiosity have nothing to do 
> with the universally and relentlessly critical but also practical, 
> sensitive, street-smart attitude of Marxist communists.

true, but to whom in your HO do you refer with this characterization? 

p.s., I think we agree that this administration and the US ruling class 
generally wish to contain, subjugate and control China and would do anything and 
everything, including nuclear war, to achieve that end, because it means their 
own survival as a class. That does not mean that we must uncritically accept 
and defend everything the current or proximate government of China does, out of 
necessity, in its accomodation to imperialism, in the name of developing its 
socialist economy and self-defense -- or does it? i.e., internationalist 
"solidarity" is always conditioned on an assessement class interests, whether we or 
they admit it or not, isn't it? Or do you agree, as Deng allegedly said: "Who 
cares if a cat is black or white so long as it catches mice?"

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