[Marxism] State Capitalism

paul bunyan cutemdown2003 at yahoo.com
Fri Jun 18 09:01:41 MDT 2004

This whole discussion reminds me, when the SWP leadership, without any warning to the membership in an article in the Militant in '79 declared Cambodia under the Khmer Rouge as, Capitalist. . By coincidence there was a minority tendency withing the SWP that held that the Stalininst countries were state capitalist. 1979 was also a convention year for the SWP. Getting back to the minority tendency:" If Cambodia is a capitalist state, and the economy is state run, ergo, State Capitalism!" That makes a certain amount of sense. Actually what happenned was the SWP leadership had painted themselves in a corner by saying that "war between workers states is an impossibility". Lo and behold, along comes China and Vietnam, two "deformed workers states" at war with each other. If that wasn't bad enough, not to be out done, Vietnam, a Stalinist led country, invades Cambodia, a Stalinist led country. Time for fancy foot work by our infallible SWP leadership. The war between China and Vietnam
 doesn't really count, because by invading Vietnam, "China was just trying to get on the good side of the US". As far as Vietnam vs. Cambodia, no problem. We just declare the Khmer Rouge leadership as "capitalist" rather than Stalinist, and Cambodia as capitalist (private NOT state, even though everything is state run) as oppossed to a deformed workers state, and lo and behold "our problem goes away". Well, not quite. Anyone confused yet? If not you should be. The State Cap minority tendency would have had a field day with that one, except their floor leader at the convention through in the towel, and dropped his state cap perspective. Still not confused? If so, you're a hell of a lot more astute than me.

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