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For the record, a couple of years after the Nicaraguan revolution, when
CISPES was going strong, the SWP began to take the approach that its
members should NOT be the best builders of the solidarity movement and
should instead provide leadership by selling the Militant, inviting
people to forums, and generally spend our time talking about the SWP
without regard to the actual campaigns of CISPES. Precisely the same
line was taken toward the women's movement, in which numerous comrades
were told to maintain a propaganda presence and stop acting like live
members of the movement.

I found this hard to take (but I took it!) as the Milwaukee branch of
the YSA had just recruited 8, yes count 'em 8, people through taking
leadership in a student group at UW-Milwaukee that organized a big bus
caravan to a national demonstration in D.C. It was the only time in my
entire political experience that I was a member of a group that was
getting larger rather than smaller.

When you take a line like that you inevitably irritate people who want
to do stuff and set yourself up for whatever comes.

David McDonald

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Jose wrote;

>>I was under the impression that the SWP (US) was banned from CISPES.<<

Pretty much true. But it was done by the SWP leadership.


Pretty much *not* true. I was in CISPES when this happened, having just
the SWP. There was a purge initiated by non-BPR (a section of the FMLN)
supporters/leadership of CISPES of the three leading members and
founders of
CISPES: Rachael Fruit, Alan Benjamin and Harvy MacAurthor. What I was
told by
the people who purged them was "They won't submit to the discipline of
FMLN" (which soon meant support to Jesse Jackson's presidential campaign
other things.). Among other things, Jose, because of this, unofficially,
same CISPES bureaucrats accussed the SWP of "Chuavinism" because of
political positions. I quit CISPES shortly thereafter.


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