[Marxism] State Capitalism

paul bunyan cutemdown2003 at yahoo.com
Fri Jun 18 12:00:43 MDT 2004

David McDonald wrote:
>I do not recall anyone from the former RMC having written anything about
>Cambodia with respect to state capitalism, and my memory is that no one,
>precisely no one, defended the state capitalist position in the 1979
>pre-convention discussion. 
David McDonald

On the contrary, the State Cap position was argued in pre-convention discussion bulletins. One thing I would like to add about the former Revolutionary Marxist Committee members who joined the SWP and considered themselves as a minority tendency. They acted in a highly principled manner. During the two years prior to the '79 convention, they were the among the best party builders in the SWP, and did not act as a tendency until preconvention discussiion, as according to SWP rules. It can be argued that those rules are too restrictive on minority tendencies,, but those were the rules, and the minority played by those rules. I often use that example to younger leftists in explaining how a principled minority conducts itself. 

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